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Elementary School Basketball Registrations is Open
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2nd/3rd grade boys and girls teams (not coed)  Mini hoops   
 4th/5th  grade boys and girls teams (not coed) Basketball

Practices will start the week of January 27th.  All practices and games will be located at an OCSD elementary school. 
Games will be play Saturday mornings February 8- March 16th.
Specific times and locations will be provided by the coach after registration is closed and teams are formed.  
Email if you don't hear from a coach by January 20th

Why all the changes?


We know there are a lot of questions regarding the changes to youth sports this year….  Here is some information we hope will answer most of those questions.
The changes started at the middle school level-  We decided to offer Middle school basketball this year.  Our hope is to provide an opportunity for more middle school students to be involved in after school sports.  
More and more students in this age group are choosing not to play sports… some are not able to make the financial or time commitment required to play at a club level or their skills are not yet at that level of competition.  Rec Middle School basketball provides an opportunity for physical fitness, comradery and skill development.
By keeping 6th, 7th and 8th graders together, they can practice right after school at the school they attend (Ogden or Gardiner).  This also gives an opportunity for the players to take the activities bus home, helping parents that have a difficult time getting players to and from practices.
 Another new opportunity we wanted to provide is Girls 7th & 8th grade basketball which has not been available in the past at the rec level.
When we made the middle school changes, this created changes down the line as far as age grouping.   5th graders will no longer be with 6th graders as they will be with the middle school group.  
The age groups will now be   4th /5th    and   2nd /3rd  
We are also trying to create more sporting opportunities for the younger athletes in our community while still being age appropriate to the variation of skill levels….
Little Hoopers Academy is our program for the beginning basketball player.  We want to start good habits and foundational skills from the beginning.   Our hope is to provide multiple classes for each age group, 4 years - 1st grade.  We have a great team of coaches excited to work with you and your child on dribbling, passing and shooting techniques.   Players will get familiar with common basketball drills and learn the basic rules of the game.  Parent participation is encouraged but not required.   The classes will start in April and it will be a 6 week class.


Frequently Asked Questions….

When will registration open for Little Hoopers Academy ?         Registration will open February 14th.  You will find that registration link right here at this website, so check back in​ February.

When will registration open for 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th grade basketball?       Registration will open December 2nd.  You will find that registration link right here at this website, so check back in December.

Is 2nd/3rd basketball co-ed?           No.    we will have girls teams and separate boys teams.
Will 2nd/3rd basketball be on mini hoops (8ft)?   yes, the research says that an 8ft hoop is appropriate for those in 2nd and 3rd grade.   4/5th grade will be using a 10 foot hoop.
 USA youth basketball appropriate standards for youth article.
 My 1st grader is amazing and could totally play on an 8 foot hoop….  If you feel that playing in a league format on an 8 foot hoop is the level of your child then you can sign up for the 2/3rd grade level.  Just remember your child will be put with older, bigger children and all expectations will be the same for your player.

All programs are run by volunteer coaches.  We need your help to make these programs a success!! 




Natasha Payne,
Youth & Adult Rec Sports Coordinator 
1404 7th Street
Oregon City, OR 97045
503-785-8520, Ext. 7313