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Migrating to Google Email (Gmail) for Staff Email and Calendars

How you access your email will change, but your email address will not. Your email address will still be first.last@orecity.k12.or.us

Why did we make the switch?

  • Cost: Very few school districts have continued with an on-premise email system after comparing costs of upgrading/replacing existing vs migrating to Gmail. 
  • Familiarity: The interface is the essentially the same as the personal Gmail solution. If you have ever used a free online email solution it should be very familiar. 
  • Access: All employees can have an email account without the need to purchasing additional licenses, as would be needed if we stuck with an Exchange email server solution. 

What is different?

  • Gmail is simplified so there are fewer features and options than Exchange. 
  • Enhanced support and convenience for those that use and rely on Google’s collaboration tools such as Google Docs. 
  • Access to Gmail will be done through a web browser.  Outlook, Outlook for Mac, Entourage, Apple Mail and mobile devices can be set up to retrieve and send email, but will not be district supported or configured by the Technology Department.  

What was the timeline for the migration? 

  • November - December 17th: Communicate upcoming change to all staff.
  • December 1st: Remind Staff to clean up (or purge/archive) their Exchange mailboxes (especially their Trash/Deleted Items). 
  • December 18th: Switch over to Google's Gmail. After the switch all new email will be delivered to Gmail. The Exchange email and calendar system will be frozen in time. Calendars will remain in Exchange and access will remain the static for staff to check if they are missing anything.  We will turn off client access to Exchange and staff will login via the web browser only. 
  • December 19th: Staff who have setup their email on personal devices will need to delete their “Exchange” account.
  • Winter Break: Saved and archived emails will be transferred from Exchange to Gmail.
  • January 4th: Migration will be complete. Heavy staff usage will resume and District Technology will monitor usage and resolve any system-wide issues as needed.