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Forms and Policies


District Nurses

Your District Nurses "How can we help you" (PDF)
Sus Enfermeras del Districto - Your District Nurses "How we can help you" SPANISH (PDF)

Health Insurance

Does Your Child Need Health Insurance sign-up form (PDF)
¿NECESITA SU NIÑO SEGURO DE SALUD? - Does your child need health insurance sign up form SPANISH (PDF)
Free or Low Cost Health Insurance Brochure in English (PDF)
Cuidado Medico gratis (o a un bajo costo) Para sus niños y adolescentes ! Free or Low Cost Health Insurance Brochure SPANISH (PDF)

Health Screening - Medical Background Forms

Health Information form 3.42 (PDF)
Información de Salud - Health Information form 3.42 SPANISH (PDF)
Oregon City Pupil Medical Record form 3.41 (PDF)
Historial Médico de Alumno de Oregon City - Oregon City Pupil Medical Record form 3.41 SPANISH (PDF)
Vision Certification ages 3-7 entering school for the first time (PDF)

Immunization Requirements

Non Medical Exemptions - Parent requirements (PDF)
Immunizations 2017-2018 School Bus Flyers
Immunizations 2017-2018 ENGLISH (PDF)
Immunizations 2017-2018 SPANISH (PDF)
Immunizations 2017-2018 RUSSIAN (PDF)
Immunizations 2017-2018 VIETNAMESE (PDF)

Head Lice Guidance (PDF)
Tips for Preventing Lice (PDF) English
Spanish (PDF)
Tips for Removal of Nits and Lice (PDF) English Spanish (PDF)
Facing Head Lice - A guide for families (PDF)

Medication Forms

How to Dispose of Unused Medicines (PDF) 
Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs (PDF)
Medication Administration FORMS (Includes Self Medication Agreement)  2.02 and 2.03 (PDF)

Wellness Tips

Belly Breathing Flyer (PDF)
Cover your Cough (PDF)
Cubra su tos - Cover your Cough SPANISH (PDF)
Cover your cough video (web informational site)
Food Safety Guidelines (PDF)
When to call in due to illness (PDF)
Cuando llamar por enfermedad - When to call in due to illness SPANISH (PDF)
When should I keep my child at home (PDF)
Keeping Sick Children at Home (PDF)
Manteniendo a los niños enfermos en la casa - Keeping Sick Children at Home SPANISH (PDF)
Standard Asthma Protocol (PDF)
Handwashing Handout (PDF) 
Como lavarse las manos - Hand Washing Guide SPANISH (PDF) 
Human Enterovirus 68 - How to protect yourself and others (PDF)
When to keep sick children home - Exclusion Guidelines Tri County (PDF)


Vision Certification ages 3-7 (PDF)
Vision Certification ages 3-7 (PDF) Spanish version


Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease Flow Chart pages 9-20 (PDF)
Contagious Disease "Dear Parent" letter form 8.01 (PDF)
Enfermedad Contagiosa - Contagious Disease "Dear Parent" letter form 8.01 SPANISH (PDF)
FLU SHOT information for ODS insurance for employees (PDF)

Health Room and Health Services - Misc.

Health Room Pass form 6.01 (PDF)
Health Room Log - tracking sheet for health room visits form 7.22 (PDF)
Student Absentee Call-In Log - tracking sheet for absent students form 7.25 (PDF)
Exclusion Log - tracking sheet for students that were excluded from school form 7.3 (PDF)
Blood Sugar Log form 8.72 (PDF)
Seizure Observation Log form 7.5 (PDF)
Epi Pen Use Instruction Sheet (PDF)
AED Monthly Maintenance Log and Ordering Information (PDF)
Sharps Container - ordering information and disposal (PDF) 
Secretary Packet from 2011 meeting (PDF)
Student Incident Report (PDF)
Head Injuries Notification (PDF) 

Health Screening - Medical Background Forms

Health Information Form 3.42 (PDF)
Información de Salud - Health Information Form 3.42 SPANISH (PDF)
Oregon City Pupil Medical Record Form 3.41 (PDF)
Historial Médico de Alumno de Oregon City - Oregon City Pupil Medical Record Form 3.41 SPANISH (PDF)  

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B Vaccine EMPLOYEE new hire or position reassignment sheet to receive or decline series (PDF)
What you need to know about Hepatitis B Vaccine - What you need to know (PDF)

Immunization Forms

Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS form)  (PDF)

Lice and Nit Forms
Lice Letters in English/Spanish/Russian (PDF)


Medication Reporting Form - missed doses, etc. form 2.04 (PDF)
Formulario para Reportar Sobre Medicamentos - Medication Reporting form for missed doses, etc. form 2.04 SPANISH (PDF)
Medication Error Form - notice for parents form 2.05 (PDF)
Formulario de Error de Medicamentos - Medication Error Form notice for parents form 2.05 SPANISH (PDF)
School Medication Daily Dosage Log - attachs to medication envelope form 2.11 (PDF)
Inventory of Medications - tracking sheet for daily doses within a month for students form 2.16 (PDF)
Medication Disposal List - Medications OK to flush (PDF)
Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs (PDF)
How to Dispose of Unused Medicine (PDF)
Medication Administration FORMS 2.02 and 2.03 (PDF)


Vision Screening Letter to Parents 01-15 (English PDF, Russian PDFSpanish PDF)