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Jill Schultz

Teacher, Mom on a Mission, Health Coordinator; Jill Schultz has a passion for people of all ages to learn healthier habits, and to be more aware of the solutions available to them. From porch-side gardening to children's workshops to community health, Ms. Schultz has spoken to all ages in different venues. Her previous workshops include: Senior Adults Nutrition (CCC SAEP), Good Food for Stong Kids (Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington), Nutrition on the Job (City of Beloit, WI), Nutrition and Babies (La Leche League, Macomb, IL), YMCA Workshop on Healthy, Astoria High School Healthy Living Workshop (Astoria, IL) and Family Wellness Workshops (in home). She keeps it simple and engaging, using demos, research, and graphics.
Juice Plus
Health Coach/Representative