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Dean R. Longfellow, Psy.D.

Dean grew up in Oregon, in a family that thrived off trying new things. Indoor and outdoor activities were embraced: Building homes, farming, gardening, camping, backpacking, fishing, sailing, reading, model building, music, electronics, parades, and building community relationships. Dean was an entrepreneur from an early age figuring out ways to earn money. College focused on Social Sciences and Speech Communication. Traveling and study abroad including working as onsite coordinator for Portland State University for study abroad program. His work in clinical psychology led to a focus first on Attention Deficit Disorder and expanding from there to PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Oppositional Defiance. After 15 years in private practice he went to work for the Department of corrections at Oregon State Penitentiary applying what he learned in working with inmates in super maximum security and death row. It became apparent to him that Many inmates were once upon a time students who slipped through the cracks. Dean enjoys passing on information to improve the odds for success in life and love.
Oregon City School District
School Psychologist - Holcomb Elementary School / Clinical Psychologist - Alternative Instructional Strategies Program (AISP)