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Michelle Nagel

Michelle Nagel is a Change Mentor and trainer to individuals and companies, on topics of resilience, success mindset, communication, and healing core wounds. As a HeartMathTM Certified Trainer, she teaches resilience techniques solidly grounded in science and research. Personally endorsed by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Michelle has guided people from all walks of life to make internal shifts that propel them to success, teach them to banish overwhelm, and find joy in their lives. Known as America’s #1 Resilience Expert by the readers of her bestselling book, Suffering is Optional: Step Out of Darkness Into the Light, Michelle is on a quest to help everyone believe in themselves, believe in their divine worth, and go after their dreams. She has addressed worldwide audiences in person, by teleseminar, webinar, television, radio, and podcasts and looks forward to having the opportunity to deliver her brand of WOW at the Family Focus Forum. No stranger to doing hard things, Michelle purchased a home built in 1914 that was in such bad shape the neighbors suggested she have a housewarming using real matches. After nine months of intense work, that house became the gem of the neighborhood. Incredibly resourceful and creative, just as Michelle has been able to build and rehab homes that no one else thought could be saved, she is also able to build and boost the resilience in people at their low moments so they can believe anything is possible.
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