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Student Research for Grades 6-12


    (Middle School Research)       (High School Research)

Gale GVRL: Non-fiction eBooks to support research and curriculum
OSLIS: Research databases and tutorials
Passwords: log into your district Gmail account to access
Research in Context (middle school research): Multimedia research tool (part of OSLIS)
Student Resources in Context (high school research): Multimedia research tool (part of OSLIS)
World Book: General encyclopedia databases for every age group
CultureGrams: Countries, states and people of the world




Destiny: Oregon City Schools library catalog
OverDrive: EBooks and eAudiobooks
Project Gutenberg: Public domain eBooks



Answerland: Text message reference questions with a real-time librarian (part of OSLIS)
Citation Maker: Create MLA or APA citations (part of OSLIS)
Informe!: Spanish encyclopedia
Kahn Acedemy: Free online courses, lessons & practice
Learn360: Curriculum based online video streaming
OSLIS: Research databases and tutorials

History and Geography:


Ancient History Encyclopedia: Articles, videos, podcasts and interactive tools on ancient history
​CliC: Social studies classes in Spanish and English
Historic Oregon Newspapers: Oregon newspapers dated 1846 to present (part of OSLIS)
Issues & Controversies in American History: Coverage of key issues and debates in U.S. history
Nystrom World Atlas: Maps of the world
U.S. History in Context: People, events and topics in U.S. history (part of OSLIS)



Encyclopedia of Earth: The Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society
Greenr: Content in the area of the environment, energy, and natural resources (part of OSLIS)
Science in Context: Comprehensive information on science topics

Social Science:


CIA World Factbook: Current and historical information on countries of the world
Global Issues in Context: Analyze and understand important issues of the modern world 
Newsela: Build reading comprehension with non-fiction news articles
Opposing Viewpoints in Context: Explore both sides of current social issues (part of OSLIS)
Pew Research Center: Covers issues, attitudes and trends shaping America
SIRS: Background and analysis, in a pro/con format, of leading social issues


Language Arts and Math:


Collections: Secondary reading program
Core Focus on Math: Middle school math program