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Summer Checkout

Summer Checkout Procedures Reference Page


  • Smartboards - Cover board, unplug all cords and store with document camera and projector.
  • Projectors - Unplug power and label all cables and store all cables in a locked location.
  • Document Cameras - Unplug power and label all cables and store in a locked location with the projector.

Laptop/Device Checkout:

  • Request sufficient equipment checkout forms from Accounting at least 3 weeks ahead of time.
  • Fill out form completely and note condition when it leaves your building.

Laptop Storage:

  • If you plan to leave your laptop for the summer, please turn your laptop and power adapter in to your building secretary.  Secretaries should store laptops in a tub within a secure location and contact the courier ahead of time to arrange for the number of tubs needed.
  • Laptops need to be turned off (not just lid closed) and then stored on edge in the tubs with name easily visible.  (DO NOT STACK LAPTOPS OR TUBS)
  • Power adapters should be wrapped up and stored in a ziplock bag with a piece of paper with the staff person's name.


  • Laptop and power adapter should be collected by the building/department and returned to Tech Services.  Video adapter (dongle) should remain attached to classroom projector.

Staff Transfers:

  • Laptop and power adapter only should go with staff to new building in the fall.  Video adapter (dongle) should remain attached to classroom projector.  Tech Services needs to be notified of new location of staff. Summer checkout would happen from the originating building, not destination building.


  • Verify that laptops are powered off (not just lid closed).  Also verify that the carts are powered off and unplugged.


  • Devices should be powered off (not just asleep) and stored in a secure location. Verify adapter/power cable with each device.
  • To power off the device press and hold the top power button for 4 seconds and then follow instructions on device.


  • Turn printers off using button/switch on printer.  Then unplug printers from wall outlet if not going to be used over summer.



  • For urgent questions, call the helpdesk at ext. 8777.
  • For general questions email your building tech person.
  • For emergencies, use your phone or Nextel to call the Tech-Office Nextel, or David Klusmann