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Summer Lunch Program | June 19th - August 18th, 2017

Join us for Free Nutritious Summer Meals for youth 1-18 years old. 

Holcomb Elementary School

Gardiner Middle School

Eastham Community Center

Candy Lane Elementary

Clackamas County Housing Authority

Rivercrest Park

Kingsberry Heights Apartments

Oregon City School District is an Equal Opportunity Provider. 

Please call Nutrition Services at 503.785.8440 with questions or email Chris Davison at christian.davison@orecity.k12.or.us

For more locations and information text "food" to 877877, call 1-866-348-6479 or visit summerfoodoregon.org.  

Safe and Welcoming for All Students

Safe and Welcoming graphic
In March of 2017, the Oregon City School Board passed a resolution (PDF) that affirms the district’s commitment to creating safe and welcoming school environments for all students. The full text, in multiple languages, is available below.

In basic terms, the resolution says that everyone is welcome in our schools regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, immigration status, country of origin or other factors. It also says that everyone is entitled to academic success regardless of their background or family circumstances and each student will be provided the necessary supports to ensure that success. 

We will do our best to maintain a positive, inclusive environment in our schools. Anything you can do to reinforce these attributes would be greatly appreciated. 

Oregon City Schools will continue to be, a place where students and their families can focus on learning without fear of discrimination or harassment. We have communicated this message with the leadership, staff, and students in our schools, but more remains to be done. Through communication and training, we can ensure that everyone in our schools knows how to be sensitive to their colleagues, students, and families. 

Parents and staff are an important influence on the lives of your children. Thank you for thinking about how we can all work together to make our district a safe and welcoming place for all students and families.

Elementary Teachers Awarded CenturyLink Technology Grants

Recently Liz Wong and Danielle Butler, teachers from Gaffney Lane Elementary School were awarded Technology grants from the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation. The grants are designed to help fund projects that advance student success through the innovative use of technology. 

The money awarded to Butler will be used to purchase technology to assist students in the classroom. A few example would be a tablet with special software used to allow a student without verbal skills the ability to communicate, or a computer with cutting edge speech-to-text and verbal editing capabilities that would allow a student to write rich stories using their voice. 

"Currently technology needed for adaptive situations has to be borrowed from other places and classrooms," said Butler. "The $5000 grant is going to provide a stable batch of laptops and tablets specifically for adaptive use situations, and our students are thrilled." 

Pioneers Pilot First Unified Sports Basketball Team

Oregon City High School’s FIRST Unified Basketball Team recently played their inaugural games in a tournament hosted by Forest Grove School District. Unified Sports is a new branch of Special Olympics.

With only two practices under their belt, the Pioneer team came together and played fantastic basketball. Players Exhibited team spirit, comradery, sportsmanship, respect and honor for other teams. They had a blast and won all three of their games.

Unified Sports is an excellent way to share a sense of community and promote kindness, respect, and support of one another. It is an inspiring program that brings opportunity to students with varied intellectual abilities. Unified Sports provides players a healthy athletic activity and the pride of being on an athletics team.  

The hope for the program is that it will be a great way to help cultivate strong community unity with the inclusive spirit that represents Unified Sports. The program helps to generate awareness of the diversity within our community, building a foundation of inclusion for all students.

"I am so grateful to Steve Allen and all of the supportive staff at Oregon City School District and Oregon City High School for supporting my son and his idea to start this program," said Josie Rankin-Lary, parent. "Eventually, we hope to see unified sports for soccer, track, and golf."


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